Back-ordered materials- what are you having trouble finding?


I haven't done a rush orders without materials on hand for a long time, if I couldn't have it picked up locally I refused to do them. Always seemed to be some type of issue either having to work late to get them done or something didn't arrive on time! IF you can't plan accordingly don't expect me to rush to get it done!

Geneva Olson

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AlphaBroder told me their shirts would be back up in stock in September. I don't see it. Arlon 3170 is my favorite cast laminate and it's not around. Apparently I bought the last 2 rolls of banner material in all of North America a few weeks ago (At GSG).
I keep being told that the vinyl is all on shipping containers in the middle of the ocean. Is that what ya'll keep being told?

Well, shirts, it's a little different scenario. Gildan cut and sew plants in Nicaragua and Honduras were wiped out by Hurricanes last December.

OH, I did venture out to buy a new plotter...ROLAND GX2 540...won't get here until December. So I might be changing my order around. Not sure what will happen with it.


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Just ran into an issue procuring cast window perf material. Going with 3 year warranted calendered for now. :(