Best screen angle for one color gradients


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Do you have a favorite screen angle for one color gradients or is it artwork specific? In your opinion what affects the quality of the gradient more, the lpi, mesh count, or angle? 7.5? 22.5? 52.5 or 82.5? What about dot shape? Elliptical? Round?
Does it even matter with a one-color gradient? Do you use a special ink or process for gradients? They always seem to be a challenge. Thanks in advance for your input.
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google search for line screen and angles. 1st result. the very last section is what you're after.. "
Typical Halftone Screen Angles for Screenprinting
Black/Key Color: 22 Magenta/Medium Value
Color: 52 Yellow/Lightest or very light colors:
82 Cyan/Medium Value Color: 112
These angles are different from offset printing screen angles, since with
screenprinting the angles 0°, 90°, and 45° must be avoided since they will
typically conflict with the screen mesh. 22.5° will usually work since it is halfway
between 0° and 45°

remember your lpi of a halftone is dependent on the mesh count of your fabric.