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Hello all.
I've been trying to make this decision for a year now.
Unfortunatly, I've not been saving a lot of cash since then.

I've seriously been looking for a machine for the past week and a half
now, but I'm stumped. Probably because of my cash flow situation.
I simply cannot afford a top of the line machine at this point. I would
certainly like to grow into one eventually, but I need to get off the
ground first.

Here's what I'm asking of you... Those of you familiar with the equipment
on the market today. Based off of the following information, if you know
of or can suggest a machine for the amount of money I have available
would you please private message me brands, links or contact information?

* How much do I have to spend? *
I have exactly $1200.00 to purchase a machine. Shipping would have
to be included in that price.

* What I am trying to accomplish *
I need to be able to make vehicle magnets, lettering for automobiles and
some storefronts, and coroplastic signs.

I'd appreciate any help at this point. It seems I am falling short a couple
hundred bucks in each direction I need to be going at this point for
something name brand.

If you would suggest I wait to make a purchase, I completely understand
that suggestion as well. Basically, if you know of a cheaper machine that
will get me off of the ground for a couple of years I'd greatly appreciate
any input.



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Check with JSI Signs. They have some pretty good entry level stuff. I get all my stuff from them. Top notch support and they will be 100% honest with you on anything you ask them. Give them a try.



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You at least need a Roland [or] GraphTec . . . So you should look for

a GOOD USED machine !

DON'T buy Chinese . . . Yul B Sawry !

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I agree with the graphtecs............I have a CE-1000-60 that is going on 10 years old never had a problem with it....................I think the new model are the CE-5000 look for one of them..............


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I had EXACTLY $4000 to get my business started. I bought a gx-24 and the rest went REALLY fast on vinyl and materials.
A good used machine would be great.

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Stick with Roland or Graphtec - I'd rather have an old Graphtec than a new "cat". I received one of those models when I purchased an out of business sign shop a year ago. I did not like it at all!

I hated to do it but sold it on e-bay.

Now I have a fc7000, a little over engineered but an awesome machine!

Pat Whatley


Want to come look at our collection on "won't stay on track, won't cut consistantly, won't do their dang job Roland plotters?"

Buy a Graphtec or a Summa. Since our first Summa we've replaced all the Rolands with Summa D-60 plotters and have yet to have a problem with any of them.

Stay away from the cheap plotters, look for a used one if you have to but're not going to find a whole lot of good, name brand plotters out there. My theory is that the people who spend the extra money to get good equipment are still in business, but that IS just a theory.

Best of luck to you.


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My theory is that the people who spend the extra money to get good equipment are still in business, but that IS just a theory.

That is a good one. A very good one.

My theory is that those who do go to a differnet aoocupation have no problems selling a good name brand machine fast, easy and at a real return o the investment.

I used to rant, stamp my feet and moan whenever someonesaid they wer planning to purchase a cat or bird or any other cheap machine. I posted taht the cheap machines were trouble and that they would cause hurt feelings and professionaly damage honest hard working people.

Equally expressive where those who bought a cheap machine as they claimed the machines were great alternatives. The only problem was they also posted later about some shortcomming, lack of support, some fault, lack of tracking, or some other failure.

I dotn rant so much any more because the message is out. Get a good name brand machine used or other wise and you will be happy. I got my anagraph supposedly as used. But it still had the packing tape around it. Some person got it and had no idea what to do with it. But, he also got most of his money back.


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Thanks all for your replies.

Thanks for the link rep, but I'd rather buy something brand new if I can
avoid it. I found that one on ebay earlier also.

If anyone has any other links to auctions, dealers etc I would be happy to look at them.

Thanks again.


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i have OWNED NOTHIN BUT ROLANDS.....can be a little finiky to align one in a while.....and unless your cuttin 12-20 feet....all the time i would recommend something else.
i have never had pats probelms and i been usin ROLANDS SINCE 1992!!!!! PNC-1000 used now is goin for $3-500,
PNC-1100, 960, 950 are maybe $4-600, CX-24 guy just said one on ebay for $1000.
some one here was sellin a CX-300 while back i think it was $1200-1500.............

Sign-Man Signs

Sorry, but we own 4 of the Lynx X-60 from Sign Warehouse. We have had ZERO problems with these 24" cutter and they have the best media handling system on the market. Not much on promoting Signwarehouse but this is one item they sell a lot of. Stay away from the Bobcat, just to slow. Good Luck. here's a link for you.

Craig Sjoquist

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I'd forget plotters let other sign shops inventory, cut or print and for ya and get SOFTWARE become expert on that, money builds more buy best plotter you want afford...
thank you n enjoy life


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Basically what you seeing here is… lots of personal feelings and not much fact.

No… only kidding, there’s lots of truth in what everyone is saying. As I’m sure is becoming obvious, there are good machines and bad machines in everyone’s brands. Those that have been burnt while those having good machines will tell you everything you need to know, but you still won’t know what to do.

The best advice I could give would be to save more money and buy a new machine that will come with a warranty and support while also choosing one that will fit your needs rather than your present budget.

Good Luck.........


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With all of that being said, I did call JSI.
They took a good hour of their time to answer all 101 questions I had for them.

Althought I cannot afford the new Graphtec, I am in the budget range for the JSI P-30".

Here is what I was quoted
P-30 $599
12x14 Heat Press $495
Shipping $79.00
Signblazer 6 $195
Starter kit: Free

Total $1368

After pushing for deep dark discounts from the sales rep, grand total: $1,303

Also included with this package is:
12 month parts warranty (shipping os covered if it is bad parts in the machine)
Free lifetime technical support for design questions and troubleshooting
Also noted in the conversation was the 4 technical support agents all speak english and are prompt returning calls if no answer is received when calling.

I'm going to sit on this one and hopefully some of you guys will either convince me or talk me out of it. So close to a name brand, yet the support and warranty options almost make me want to go ahead and purchase.