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You posted a picture of a rack you built. I have searched for a while and cannot find. Would you mind posting for me? No hurry.


Tim Aucoin

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I just love looking at that rack! :Big Laugh


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:omg2: is there another post in after hours about another rack? Who started that thread?

yeah, I think it was in Jill's "ladies" thread... but it was just a clothes rack... with a hot dress and some CFMP's...

...which was still more inviting to the imagination then a vinyl rack though!

(hmm, I wonder if there will be a spike in premium membership subscriptions now)


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it's bad enough that guys like silicone racks.... but who'd have thought wood and pvc could work for ya too.

annnnnd there not even the same size :ROFLMAO:
(the racks, not the girls)
but i do love my racks :loveya:
(the racks, not the girls) ok the girls too


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Where's that thread about someone planting a 10' erect pole ?? :Oops:

When my wife and I teach dance lessons... she always says she wants her men [in the class] to be erect..................

Good Grief, does that set the pace for the next hour or two. :covereyes: