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Can a logan mat cutter cut 1.5mm chipboard? Another tool?


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I am looking to cut a lot of chipboard 30"x40" sheets into 8"x8" and was wondering if anyone has a tool for the job. I've looked into mat cutters, wide table saws, small diode laser cutters, and cnc machines like shapeoko/carve-x. Thickness range from 1.5-3 mm. Thanks for any help.

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Could you make do with MDF instead? if so, a SteelTrak twin wheel cutter will do the job. Depends on what constitutes a lot.


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I use a Fletcher wall cutter on 6 or 8 layers of .030 inch chipboard and it cuts fine as long as I have a backing piece at the bottom of the blade travel. The Tajima VRB2 blades seem to give the best cut and last the longest. They fit in the fletcher fine, but you have to leave out one of the hex screws in the blade holder. Probably not the best thing, but have done this for years with no problems. A mat cutter should work. But as Humble said, "depends on what constitutes a lot."