Composer - Module GspCvtrCtlFn.cpp Line 803

Aaron Kitchens

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Has anyone had problems or know how to remedy a one with omega 5 giving and error stating Composer - Module GspCvtrCtlFn.cpp Line 803 " File not OMEGA(tm) or GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE .plt File" When it is a .plt file made in composer.:banghead:

Fred Weiss

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Never had that error but can only suggest that you click on "Check for Updates" in the Composer Help Menu. Possibly a bug that has since been fixed if you are not running the latest version of Omega.


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Years later - Same error update is done at start up
Win 10
older PLTs made in 2.5 Omega


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Could be 2 things,
1 the file is corrupt and lost. Run scan disk on your PC and see if you have any problems on your hard drive.
2 something updated on your PC, most likely windows update or virus software and is preventing Omega from opening it.
Send me the plt file and I can take a look at it and rule out your pc as the issue.


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Hello Gerber tried as well and the files are simply corrupted. I was able to open files from 1999 off of CD so the few in question are scrap. Thanks