Copy of permit to customer?


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When you handle getting a sign permit for a customer do you send them a copy of it for their records? I got one that was issued to me, and the property owner is listed on the permit also, but not my customer who is a tenant of the property owner. Just wondering what the correct procedure is.


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I would send it to whoever my customer might be and let that person decide what to do. Just make sure to keep a copy for yourself.


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Yep, I'd hand a Permit copy to my customer and make a note of that hand-over on my copy.
He can then pass it onto the property owner if he wishes.
I'd imagine the owner would want verification that the install was done with all necessary Permits.


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Is there a reason why you would NOT give a tenant or property owner or both a copy? They contain no secret information. A future permit can be denied if they have a open one or a project that was not done without a permit, so having a copy to proive it was all done legally should be important to them. They may not realize tha value of it until later. Where we work, it must be posted in the front window, so when I arrive on the job, first thing I might do it post it for them.


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Some of the towns I deal with for permitting require that a copy of the sign permit be kept onsite. Since the pandemic, most towns have switched to an online permitting system that anyone can look up and print a copy of the permits. I don't see any reason to not give them a copy of the permit.


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The sign police are always out there and in some counties they have a few crews that
collect step stake signs.
Banners typically require a Permit and the counties can be very strict about that.

If your customer Paid you for the Permit, the the Original Copy Is their Property,
you should present the Permit upon completion of the installation, and the copy
is for your records

When Code Enforcement shows up, it gets ugly quick.
Your client presents the Permit and that is that.

Did you charge a Design or Layout fee for the sign? If so, that is property of your client.


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I keep all permits on file, and sometimes give them to the customer. That being said, permits in my town is just a way to get additional money, they aren't policed like some of the bigger towns I have worked in.