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I am using another shop to screen print some coro signs for me. They have not been using Corel very long and so we are running into a problem. I export eps. files out of Flexi but when he opens them in Corel they are not opening as a vector file. I saw him take the file from the e-mail and when it was imported it looked like a jpg. Is the more than on way to bring in the file? Anyone have any suggestions on why this would happen? Thanks in advance...



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What # of Corel are they using?
You might have to try exporting to a lower number (like when I send an .ai to my GA, I have to save it as version 7 or lower)
They may also try importing it using the "PS PRN EPS Postscript Interpreted" command.
That's the only way I can open Brands of the World files in Corel.


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Is he openning or importing the EPS file?

Typically OPEN rather than import works for us. They're getting the JPG preview that is created when you export from Flexi.


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in older versions of corel there are two eps import selections he should use the one that says encapsulated post script, always works for me. The other eps option usually just brings in a grey box with the letters eps in them like a bitmap