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Cutter to first vinyl printer...


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I’m at a crossroads here and have been researching vinyl printers for a long time now. I’ve been running a Graphtec ce7000 for a bit now and really need more color options which requires printing. I don’t want to sub it out. I do mostly graphics for vehicles so I work exclusively with vinyl, no other material. I don’t need a super wide machine, everything I make is traditionally 24” or less, for now at least. Speed isn’t a factor, if I make a few decals/graphics a day, that’s fine. I wanted to be in around $5k, but that doesn’t seem feasible.

I have looked at the bn20. I know its insanely slow, print heads for it are expensive and only supports 20” wide rolls. There are a few listed locally, but it seems everyone unplugged theirs for a year, then when they sell, and run a print test, some of the colors are blocked. Which typically means a printhead replacement, and there’s and additional $2k investment on a used machine.

I looked at the Valuejet 628. Seems like a great machine, supports 24” wide rolls which is what I’m setup for now. Seems to be a workhorse, not many people have anything bad to say about them. I would have to pair with my Graphtec, and learn how to cut registration marks, not a con, just another learning opportunity.

I saw signoutlet store has some older refurbished roland machines like SP-540v & XC-540. Not sure if those are worth it at the price points.

Am I on the right track? Thoughts?


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Thanks for the suggestion...Is buying something like an SP540, where its getting harder and harder to find parts worth it? Signoutlet is advertising it at 5k as refurbished. I have a call out to find out what all has been done to the printer.

Kevin Schultz

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Rumour has it that a latex machine is the way to go if you're looking at having your equipment sitting idle for any amount of time. Days - weeks.

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I think solvent printers are superior for production, but they come with a couple of cons. They require more maintenance, and don't do well sitting idle. If you don't have enough work to keep them going almost daily, you might be better off with a latex. You can get new entry level 54" latex printers with a warranty for around 10 grand or less, that's not much more than what a used solvent one will cost in good shape. If it gets you enough work where you need something beefier, you can always upgrade to a solvent printer.