Cutter Upgrade


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Hi all,

I am looking to upgrade my cutter to something more reliable. I currently have a Prism 28 24 inch cutter. I haven't had any technical issues with it. It always reads the registration marks, and its software is easy to use.
However, it's a very clumsy system. The rollers leave a lot to be desired, and it doesn't work well cutting large items since you can't adequately put pressure on the left side of the machine. Cuts to the left side of the machine are hit or miss, and thus it has a lot of waste since the prints have to be made to use the cutter's strengths and avoid its flaws.

If I have a sticker that repeats throughout the entire 24-inch width, the right side will perf cut perfectly, while the left will cut right through the paper or vice versa; it's very annoying. You also need two sets of hands to load it. Otherwise, the pressure settings need to be adjusted every time. The rollers suck, really.

However, its Camera registration mark system is top-notch. The Prism28 is a hobby machine, and I am looking for something more robust with a similar camera system. I was looking at a Mimaki CG-FXII but when I was buying a printer, I was thinking about a Mimaki; the rep recommended an Epson as parts and service for the Mimaki sometimes is problematic. I ended up with an S40

Any opinions and thank you.
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