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Cutting ACM


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Hahaaa,,,,,, guess I'm just old fashioned. I've had the same table saw for well over 30 years and have cut all kindsa wood, plastics, pvc's, sheet aluminum and in recent years acm and have never had a problem. Cost was around $600 and today, it costs around 12 or 13 hundred. I think it's a 16 amp, so it pretty much goes through anything up to about 5". And I use the same 80 tooth cross cut for just about everything. The panel saw has either a 36 tooth or 40 tooth blade and it also cuts everything. I have 4 or 5 circular saws which have the various blades for ripping, fine tooth, or other specialty cutting. Just the edge of anything metal takes any burrs off, if needed.

Modern Ink Signs

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Find someone that has a cnc router and work up a relationship to have them cut stuff for you. I had someone like that before I purchased my Esko.


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A tiny hand plane works good for removing the burr on a straight edge.
Infinitely better is either a burr removal tool, available at most hardware stores, or a brass bar run over the rough edge with down pressure at about 30 degrees. If done properly the bar will reform the edge to something just like the factory edge but is slower than the burr removal tool. Leave the plane in a drawer somewhere.


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i know i am replying to an old thread, but, better late than never.
NOT A GREAT IDEA, slowing that motor down with a vatiac.
full disclosure, i do it all the time, but, it seriously shortens the life of that motor, AND THEY MAKE MOTORS LIKE S**T these days.


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Hi there!.

As you can guess I'm a newbie to signage (offset printing background). Is there a relatively cheap accurate way to cut ACM. (I'm looking for a tool or bit of equipment) for some reason I'm getting a lot of small ACM work ( Curb side parking signs, small information signs etc.). Just scoring with a knife and snapping is to slow (and not accurate enough) and I'm allways freaking out that a staff member is going slip and take the end of there finger off. (You should see our health and safety laws here). I do have a large Vertical substrate cutter. (FSC Fletcher Substrate Cutter) but this is not suitable for small cuts. I'm only a small shop and don't want to spend thousands (my ROI would not be good enough). At this stage I'm thinking of getting them all cut out and I'll just keep in store as blanks. (If I can find a local business that can do this for me, not holding my breath).

Your thoughts are appreciated.

thanks Simon
Trac Saw.