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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a cheap alternative for digital media (eco-solvent) for my customers that want a cheaper price on their backlit signage. What would recommend and which vendor would you buy from. Currently, I'm using Solvex-TV from Fellers for about 330.00 a roll 56" x 150' for my cheaper translucent brand.

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It is more about what is available from vendors

In a pinch, you can print to Lamination, can't say this suggested.


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There are ways to save your customer money, other than going with an inferior product. The life expectancy of a backlit now is about 4 or 5 years. That's with a laminate. According to which way the sign faces could possibly shorten that further. If you wanna cheap out for your customer, lessen your installation costs or your production costs or something YOU have control over, not use a cheaper product. If this is an indoor backlit, then there are other alternatives.


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$330 a roll for translucent is a really good price! For backlit projects, the cost of the vinyl is a vey small expense, it's all labour!
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I use arlon 4500G CLEAR, clear is part of the name, otherwise you'll get white not translucent. Something like $220-250/roll. Pairs well with arlon 3420 satin, and sign faces with 2" trim as the edges will eventually give way. You can use it on trim capped letter face, but only if you apply it before trimcapping so the film is tucked under the trimcap.
I'd argue for a face replacement, cost of poly is about a quarter of the job, labor is another quarter, and the rest is equipment overhead to print, route and slide it in.