flexi issue #23,3434


So last week I open Flexi and I get the box that opens that it has no idea what plotter or printer I have issue, which I have not seen in about 6 months. I plug in what we have and eventually it loads the drivers and sees all my current prints and cut jobs. The main viewing area of production manager however has changed and instead of seeing everything in the order I produced them it has moved everthing around, which makes it incredibly hard to determine the right file for cutting especially if you have not named it (or saved it I guess) before printing. I do see if you click different menu items along the top it again rearranges the order. I just cant seem to find which column brings it back to the order by date.

This is very annoying as I have to continually check the job properties on the left side under the printer section to see the job, and then try and find that job under the cutter area. I have no idea but some of the names or codes are different....... &^%&& flexi!!!