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Hey Guys,
My eyes are starting to hurt, I need to try and match this for some banners. The KRYZTO and CHANTEL are the 2 I need...Thanx in advance eveyone....Mykel


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Yeah, I thought Copperplate as well, but the serifs are more square. She said her brother did it. I know he only has a base system with software that it came with. So the fonts have to be basic, but may be something in Mac. not sure his computer type. Just can't seem to find it...M*


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I think you have american gothic for sure... some issue with aliasing could account for the serifs looking a hair different. Or there's a knockoff, but I say go use the original.

I'm kinda shocked but chantel can't be ID'ed on myfonts. Somehow a fairly traditional times/bodoni-looking font never ended up there.

I know that when it became apparent to font companies that they could make legal knockoffs of stuff like helvetica and times new roman for computers, they ended up with tons of clones that had little differences, like times vs nimbus vs dutch801. I think this might be some computer clone of bodoni, with a few quirks of its own like the "t".