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Since I have enjoyed the templates shared on this topic/conversation, I thought it only fair that I share also. The attached PDF is a template for the PROTERRA electric busses that many cities are adding to their fleet. Enjoy! The Forum software say the PDF file is too big to upload, so I am adding a link to download it off my server. We'll see if that works.


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Attached is a Ford Econoline Shuttle Bus template, 10% scale. Enjoy!


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Just curious... have you had to create a template for those new fully electric buses yet? I have the CAD from Gillig - but it has so much crap I don't need, and it's not in proper layers. it's one of those 3 trillion layer files -where there are no lines, just segments.

I know it has been a bit but Astute Graphics has a couple of Illustrator plugins that work very well for cleaning up CAD files. I've used it myself for that exact same reason....