Has anyone ever heard of pricing like this!?

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Yeah, you are still way low compared to most markets. You are selling a Banner at the average wholesale cost of $2/sqft. Most in your area, through my limited scope of research, are averaging $4+ for banners to end-users. This is what my point of contention is with your model; it devalues the finished product in favor of your portion of the project building the expectation of that price everywhere.

I would spend some time talking with your local competitors to align pricing to prevent devaluing your market. It's not price-fixing it's price leveling.


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5 x 10 for $100.00 plus shipping plus added tax (if required). I might discount that a bit for volume customers or if part of a bigger project. Any design work is an extra charge (minimum $35) and installation is priced at market rates (usually $95.00/hour plus equipment charges, but that's going up). Add a $95 permit secural fee if applicable (the client will need to pay for the permit as well, which I usually pass along at cost).
I will likely end up charging this customer $350.00+ plus for this job (installed with permit).
Still, the banner is only $100.00. The rest of the cost is value-added service.
I guess I look at pricing from the perspective of a project manager/graphic designer. We do not print and do the very minimum production and fabrication, preferring to sub-contract that work so we can concentrate on our core strengths. I suppose you could build some of those costs into a higher "sq.ft." price, but I find it easier using a pricing methodology I am familiar with and can account better for project variables. If you take my final project price, and break it down to 50 sq. ft., then my price is $7 a square foot!
$100 for a 5x10 is extremely cheap.
Id be re-evaluating your banner price.
You'd charge those prices if you're selling as a trade price to another reseller.
And if you're buying it from someone else, how little are they charging? are you even getting a good product?
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