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Hello everyone

Me and some friends just started a new firm here and Sweden and purchased one Roland SP-540 and we are planning to do a lot of MX Graphics and Car Wraps because this business has not yet taken of over here.

So any good info about what type of material, templates etc. to get is always appreciated.

I know Flame is they guy to talk to when it comes to the templates but there are lot more guys out there who has them.

Best Regards Patrik
WickedInk Sweden


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Perhaps a Black Metal band would be more lucrative?

We have a lot of those already.
But I have only seen two car wraps here in Sweden over the past five years.
Here is the last graphic kit I maid and I usually design 2-5 kits per month so its time to start make them whit my own Print & Cutter machine.

PS: The picture is to rely right because of the paths. I didn’t shrink those down before saving it :)

Best regards Patrik


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Hej Du from Western NY.

My Mother lives in Svenljunga, and I have many relatives around Varnamo.
I never could get used to Lutefisk though!!!!