Hello, New here. Just getting into large format printing.

One more question. Where did you find the 365 print and cut solution? I just see the 365 as a stand-alone machine and not sold in a combo.
We bought thru a local dealer but if your looking at Grimco, Lexjet or others I believe you can call them and they can just upgrade the 335 to the 365 in the bundle with the 64" cutter. All the printers use the Flexi HP Print and Cut Rip solution. I would assume any Local HP dealer should be able to do the same.

fairstreet ink

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Why not sub out all your jobs to a B2B wholesale printer?
When you get a better bead on which direction your heading, that might affect your equipment decisions.
Just sayin'.
I want to actually do the work myself. I already do logo design in my business and now I'm expanding to offer large format. I already have a direction in doing banners and cut graphics work lined up, I was just curious about the what machines are reliable and which ones are hassles.