Hello to all.

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Hi, my name is Dave Hinkley and I am in the process of opening my first store front after 5 years of cutting vinyl in my home part time. I am jumping in with a new sp300v and a sailrite sewing machine and stimpson grommet setter. I am also getting ready to get a Daige4 since I can't get the hang of the handlaminator as well as I had hoped I would.
I do most of my designing in Photoshop and use flexi for drawing shapes and adding cut lines and ripping with versaworks. I am using the aurora suites for most of my backgrounds and also have an old copy of wow styles for PS that are 225dpi and print great.
All in all it is a nice setup and if I can get the Daige to give above average results I will be in good shape with this setup since I am the only one with an inkjet doing sign business within 30 miles. I am the only sorefront on the main drag here that is a sign or decal shop and hopefully it can stay that way for a while.
Thanks again for any help that I can get in the future and I will be more than happy to help anyone that I can also.


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Welcome from Central Cal. You don't happen to have a brother that's obsessed with the movie "Taxi Driver" do you?


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Welcome and good luck. Be sure to test drive your daige before you buy. We have a daige quickmount 4. I am a newbie to the business as well, but even our rep can't get the thing to work as it should.


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Welcome Dave

Now that Geary brought it up, I will mention.... who wouldn't have a crush on her. She looks even better the older she gets.


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Welcome from Oklahoma!

... I can't get the hang of the handlaminator as well as I had hoped I would.
Give me a call and let's discuss what you may be doing that is frustrating you. It may be as simple as trying too hard. Some veterans may be able to help on here as well. Just don't give up on it that easy. It is easier to learn than a roll laminator. 479-518-3744

:Welcome: to :signs101:


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Welcome to the group. Call Dale! He will give you the facts on hand laminating. His "Big Squeegee" is one of the best investments you can make.

Banner Signs

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Thanks to all.

Dale, I will be in touch soon. I bought a 38" from fellers and get way to many bubbles with it. I watched the dvd and believe it can be done since you can do it. If I could use this damn thing and not have to get the Daige, woohoo!!

Geary, I don't get the connection with the movie but my little bro does live on Coronado Is and and is a Naval officer.

I am also looking to find someone with a 54" or bigger machine to do wholesale banners and vinyl for me. I will use the hell out of whoever could do quik turnarounds and is somewhat near my state.