help with a font


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I thought that this font was "Antique Shop" (letterhead fonts) but there are many differences, does anyone recognize it and if so where can I buy it?

Just to clarify I am looking at the WR Case font...


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wow, that's a pretty cool document. sorry i dont recognize the font, but was that guy's name really "smellee" ?


If that document is original then it's most likely a steel engraving and no settable type face was involved. A product of the engraver's hand much the same as a hand lettered sign.


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Yeah technology is poor here in Branson. Just playing around from the hotel room while on vacation. Man so many nice sign ideas down here and tons of pics. Bought a couple of vintage signs down here.

Here is what I came up with but I have limited fonts and only corel draw here on my laptop. Looking forward to being home with my mac and CS5!

Still need to redo the W and work on the shadow and sizing issues to make it look closer to the real thing, then I can make the mirror.


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