How Do I Create Multi-Colour stickers?


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Please let me show what I mean in the best way possible:


I would like to know how I would be able to do stickers like this in multiples, because they are going to be handed out. However, I do not have a vinyl printer where I can just print on the red. For this example, I'll be using black and red vinyl.

Since this will be done in multiples, I also need to know how I can get the black and red words to line up perfectly each and every time (since I will have to cut red and black seperately) so I can give the finished product to customers (cut, transfer taped and trimmed)

Help is appreciated.
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Hey Splat..I looked a bit at your linked site but didn't find the decal you are speakin' of. Are these small decals? Sounding like an out-source thing..and I can help. Apparently, you reside in Canada? What's your GPS?


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if your talking about your logo... if your gonna pass these out at a show i would just do it as a 1color and jsut cut different color it will save you a lot of time. but here is how i would do it.
just cut all the black first then the red then use clear transfer on the red then just lay it down. use the parts i arrowed as the guide to line it up in this expample. splatvinyl.jpg


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Splat . . .
So far on your site you've got one board for an example pick
and it is covered with trademarked, copy written,
illegally used corporate designs and logos.

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Same Observation as Rep...........The watermarks are really to much....

As for you decals......Grafxxx has the right ides......

Sign-Man Signs

Thank God for newbies. Makes me remember how much I've learned in 20 years and glad I'm an old timer.


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even newbies need to be aware of copyright infringements or they will become newbies at getting sued & loosing it all


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Thanks very much for the responses. Thanks a lot to Fred and grafxxx for the tips. As I have said before in my intro, I'm new to the sign industry so this is definitely appreciated.

As for the example I gave, it wasn't actually supposed to be a link, the text was just supposed to be in red and black.

As for the site, I am aware of the possibility of being sued despite the small disclaimer I have. I am most likely going to remove those snowboard pictures once I have more of our work up just to "cover our arse"
For the watermarks, I do agree they are a bit much. I'm looking to remove those as well.

More questions later after some research.