How do I get this powerpoint file into Flexi

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A couple of years ago, a customer sent me a powerpoint file. I remembered we struggled with it but managed to get it done. Now they call and ask... can I take a Powerpoint file. STUPID ME says sure.

Now I have it and I can't do anything with it. I can't call them now and say I can't use it.

I tried copy and paste.... no good
I published it to a PDF. Now I can see it as a PDF but it looks like garbage when I import it to Flexi
I even tried to copy and paste through Word.

If I absolutely have to, I can redraw it, but I'm trying real hard not to

Anyone have a solution


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When you say it looks like garbage, is it the fonts / text that's messed up? If so Use the Vector Dr's. procedure to open the pdf in Illy to preserve the text first, then export as an .ai and then open in Flexi

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For what reason are you wanting to open the PDF in Flexi? If it is to output the file, you don't need to open first in Flexi. You can load the file directly into the RIP (Production Manager) application and print from there.

If you are needing to edit the file, you will probably have better luck doing so in Illustrator, as it does a much better job of not changing fonts and colors.


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as a last option.. you can always open the PDF in Photoshop.

Photoshop will ask you what size to render at and what resolution as well as whether you want it rendered as RGB or CMYK.

then, at least, you'll have something that is printable -- unless you really needed vector artwork for cutting letters.

Drip Dry

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I rebooted the computer and I'm able to copy and paste most of it. Didn't get one of the graphics, but I can work with it.
Tomorrow I'll try Vector Dr's import and I'll also see what happens in Photoshop

Thanks everybody
Sometimes a good way to clean up a PDF files is:
1. Open PDF in Acrobat. Do a save as and choose postscript
2. Open up Acrobat Distiller and re-distill it.

Many times this will clean up a file. If there is transparency issues with drop shadow and such it will flatten the transparency. If there are fonts that aren't embedded in the PDF, if you have them loaded in your system they will embed... and all should be good.


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i wonder if it would work like a .docx file, where you can simply change the extension to .zip and unzip the contents into a file like you would a regular .zip file.

apparently images pulled from word documents this way have nearly twice the resolution that trying to open the document in word.