How to do die-cut on foamboard?


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Hi there....I need some tips on how to die-cut on
foamboard? Hope you guys could assist me.


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by hand with a knife... we just did a half dozen "dancing couples" on coroplast that I had to cut out by hand (what a pain!!!) but if you have knife skills then foamboard would be a lot easier.
Now if you are talking lettering... well good luck with that :smile: I don't know of any way to diecut it and it would be a nightmare to try to cut out exactly. Maybe someone else has a trick for it...


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Alot depends on the cutter you have. Some machines will cut on rigid media, which can give you an outline to trace with your knife. This is how I die cut my magnetic signs (i.e ribbons, scrolls etc)
The cutter cuts about halfway through the medis and I finish it off with a good knife.

If your cutter does not cut rigid material, the it's the old fasioned way like the rest of us.