How to find the right pantone


Hi guys !

I try to find the right colors by looking the web for these...

Can you help please :help


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Depending on who you are doing the work for, there may be some pretty tight specifications on the type of printing or vinyl that you can use for things like that. ...and those specifications should come from your customer.

In lieu of that, I suspect that Canada, or your province has a counterpart to the US's MUTCD that you can reference for appropriate colors and manufacturing guidelines. As an example, here is the type of thing you should be looking for - --- only it should be in Canadian-eh.


I know nothing about pantone ...

eh ...

except the fact that it cost less to print with pantone I know pretty much nothing about it...

Should I always use pantone ??

When should I use it ?

Thanks for your answers :iamwithstupid:help


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Questions that pop into my head by reading your posts are:

1. What kind of printing are you planning on doing: offset or large format inkjet?
2. Why would you need to use pantone colors to recreate these no matter what printing method your using?

Pantones are a reference guide used to accurately reproduce colors. Companies with corporate logo guidelines will refer to Pantone #'s in their logos etc to ensure colors are consistently reproduced.

This doesn't mean you always have to use them. I don't know what the symbols are that you're referring to, but I would be surprised if matching pantones would be required.

Agree with the previous statement.

You probably need to give us more information on what you're trying to do so we can help you properly.


Then again, my sig says it all.


Thanks for your help !!

:thankyou: I am doing a reference book where the customers can find what they usually order ( logos and security signs mostly ).

So they can make quick and easy orders and I know exactly what they want.

Understand ? (I don't usually speak english :) I do my best so if there's anything I might say otherwise I appreciate to learn.

:thankyou: I use a Roland versawork sp-300i
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why would it cost less ??

I don't know a women called me to have the pantone of one of the logos I have and she said she couldn't print it CMYK because it would not make sense...:omg:
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A graphic designer who doesn't understand pantone?!?! :frustrated:

What are they teaching you up north? The woman was right, many pantones are outside of CMYK gamut. This is seriously first year design stuff. First month maybe.

At there very least you should be attached at the hip to the Bridge swatch book, which shows PMS colors and their closest offset CMYK mixes.

In Illustrator click the Swatches option, Open Swatch Library, Color Books, and there will be a list of all the various Pantone books so you can find and use PMS spots. Most often you'll use Solid Coated.


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There are various reasons printing Pantone (spot) would cost less to print, but not in the digital world. Any other form of printing may be one screen or plate Pantone color vs. 4cp trying to hit a specific pms#.


Thanks for helping me !

I really appreciate ! I have a lot to learn !

I didn't attend school to do that exact job...

A friend of I wanted me to work for him telling me he would pay for I to learn.

I really love my job and I think its a blessing...

Still... I need you guys !