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HP800 or Roland LG


New Member
I currently running a bunch of Roland 640s and want to upgrade to something faster.

I have been told my options are HP800 or Roland LG for the price point I am looking for at the moment. I would test one and if it works good I would then order 2 more.

I like the HP for being a little faster than what I do which is almost only vinyl banners around 1 million sqft a year but, not sure if the uptime would be better for the HP or Roland.

Also, looking for any instant dry like latex or UV. Not concerned about wrapping as I will still have solvent printers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Mark Snelling - Hasco Graphics
You are a textbook case study for a Colorado. You'll print on most medias around 400sf/hour....some cast materials may be a bit slower....banner you can print 1200sf/hour. Ink costs around $.08/ft2. 3M approved for wraps. Ink is bulletproof and you don't need to laminate a lot of applications saving you even more. I'll gladly send you a quote for one!

victor bogdanov

New Member
Ink is bulletproof and you don't need to laminate a lot of applications saving you even more
I have couple of big banners (5ft x 40ft) printed almost 2 years ago on the Colorado, screwed to a building in full Texas sun and they look new still, 0 fading.

and most memorable thing was the 40ft banner taking 15 minutes to print


New Member
Is it possible to laminate the prints from the Colorado 1630? - Any recommandations?
I got a problems with "(finger)prints" after laminating the prints