HTV on YETI Hopper (bag cooler)?


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Anyone tried using heat transfer vinyl on a YETI Hopper? I usually experiment with an 'extra' to get the setting right - but at $400 a pop, I'm a little reluctant for this product.

Jeff grossman

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get a piece of similar fabric from a fabric store and try on that - they do make Xtra ver. of HTV for heat sensitive fabrics - leather , nylon , spandex - lower temp and 3 sec press time

Stacey K

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No offense - I would pass on that. Unless it's a customer that has spent thousands and thousands with you - not worth a $400 mistake for a $40 job.

Geneva Olson

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I suspect that smashing the lid or side of that soft cooler in a 300+ degree heat press will destroy its insulative ability.
I bought this wand that heats up to 450 degrees for odd jobs that I can't place in my heat press. It's a pain in the *** and I'm pretty sure I don't have finger prints on one hand. And it actually sucks to work with. It was $20 and not worth it. but the upside is that it wouldn't destroy the insulative ability. lol. totally not worth using the wand thing for this job!


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Thanks for the feedback! I think we've come to a compromise with the customer, and we'll apply graphics to the straps, instead!