I need installer of Melco DesignShop v10


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Hello everybody !
I was losted Installer CD of Melco DesignShop v10, can someone give me a link download it ? or anyone know where i can get it.
Considering V11 is out, I don't think you will have much luck going with the OEM to get a new download link for V10. Hopefully, still have your virtual key, that may get them to do it, but then again, I kinda doubt it.

Just about any other random download link you get, run the risk of it being a tampered, cracked copy.

May want to think about updating it though if you are running Win 10 as I think V10 is only officially supported on 7,8,8.1

Now that I look at the OP, this is from back in May, hopefully this has been settled by now


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you say right! i am using windows 8.1 and my dongle only for version 10, that is why i need setup of v10. I am very appreciate if someone can share link download setup melco designshop v10.
Thanks a lot !
Your best bet, although not a very high one giving how OEMs are, is to go directly through Melco.

I don't know with Melco, but with Wilcom, there was actually a customer porter that you could sign up for and it would have downloads, software/patches/firmware(dongle) updates (kinda like what Adobe offers as well) that you could go and get your stuff from. That is going to be your best bet. Any random download link you get from here (or anywhere online), always going to run the risk of the download not being kosher.