JV3 1394 Board


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Any one ever have to replace the 1394 Fire wire board on your JV3?

I need to replace mine and wont be able to get one till next week and am worried about the print heads until then. Will the printer run without the board using just the Parralel port?

Any one know where to get a good price one?


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Just do test draws and cleanings w/o the firewire board. It boots up with communication error, but doesn't stop the machine. Don't let the printer sit w/o power.
I can get you one, but pricing from Mimaki is only going up.
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1394 Board

Well I replaced the 1394 board and am now still having trouble printing to the printer. I have re installed the drivers and it just wont send the jobs to the printer.

I wonder there are several DIP switches on the board does it need to be programed at all? and in the upper righ hand cornner of the board there are 12 green LED's are those all supposed to be lit when the unit is powered up?

Thanks for your help
Definitely don't touch the DIP switches!

The real key here is to see whether the Mimaki is being seen by Windows. Looking in the Device Manager you should see to items "Mimaki Printer Port" and "Mimaki Status Port".

Also, the board, if it was brand new may have FW too recent to be compatible with the driver loaded on your PC. Make sure you've got the latest from www.mimaki.co.jp