Latex and General Formulations issues


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We have used General Formulations for years and having issues with a recent batch of material we received. Trying to narrow down if it is material or printer issue. I believe it is a material issue but want to see if anybody else has seen this problem.

Material: Concept 201 & Concept 201OAP
Machine: Latex 360
Mode: 10 pass, 120 density
Optimizer: 12

The photo shows the difference from an older roll to a new roll we received. The weird part is we are seeing it on both batches of 201 and 201OAP that we received. Its almost like plasticizer migration or the ink is not being smoothly accepted across the media. Have 5 rolls of each material with each material having the same lot number that I would imagine was just produced.

Have tried adjusting the optimizer to 24, 34 with no better results. Any thoughts?


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O Yes, General Formulations vinyls are no longer compatible with the older Latex Printers. You need the to have the newer printers with the wiping roller I think.

Thanks for the warning about 201 that was the one I have not seen any plasticizer migration issue with yet. I was just about to order a roll and glad now I didn't. All the others I saw problems with and can no longer use them.

Make them take those rolls back and credit you.


I don't think that is going to help. When this first started I exchanged rolls (different lot #) and that the very same thing happened and then I stated seeing this on all their rolls except the 201. Best to find another brand of vinyl I think.

Funny thing is I just looked up on the GF web site and they list 201 a polymeric which I though was supposed to have less of a plasticizer migration problem.


Problem is a defective roll of print media.
Years ago had this issue with Avery 1005.
They replaced the roll,,,,,,,,,,,,,With the same batch run BFH!

Is there any reason you are using the GF 201?

With HP Latex 792 Inks 26500 printer and now
I am running 831A Inks 560 printer.

I love 3m IJ 35 10 Gloss and IJ 39 20 LSE Matte.
The IJ 39 had some fish eye issues in the early on, but
seems to be ok now. (LSE is for plastics and glass, etc.)

There is also a IJ 36-20 for Transit applications that is a low cost.

My personal take is I have less problems with 3m Media than
anything else.

Toe to toe the 3m IJ35-20 is $50 more a roll.
Your cost savings on the 201 is in the trash can.
Your Time is worth money too. Calculate your time as an employee,
include overhead.

I like the Transferrite Ultra 6782 application tape.
It cost $20 more than the RTape. totally worth it.

Hope this helps