latex compatible flag like material


Looking to print a banner for a swim team. They'd like to be able to use it as a flag, or drape it on the railings. I was wanting to do something a little different, and I recall the tech who installed my 560 saying it had a ton of fabrics that it could print on, so I'm looking to see who's used what.

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TVF DigiFascination is a Certified Durable flag media for HP 300 and 500 Series Latex, with a media preset available on the HP Media Locator.


This is a place that I would outsource a sublimated banner.
Any recommendations for a sub?
This whole thing is kinda funny. My cousin flies to Alaska twice a year to do speech therapy in the boonies. She ran across someone who had started a swim team, and wanted a banner for them. Evidently there are almost no shops in the area she's in, so my cousin was going to have me do it and bring it with her next time she goes. So now I have until August to do something, and I figured I'd find something exceptional before then.


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I have used Showdown Displays for this kind of work, but I'm pretty sure there are some forum advertisers who do them too. The nice thing about the sublimated banners is that the colors are vibrant but the fabric has no coating, and feels like a polyester flag. They fold up really small and easy to carry, yet smooth out when you hang them.