Low Volume Shop - (cheap) Almost new Roland GX-640, or save for newer?


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Have searched but found little info on Roland GX-640 released in 2010.

Hoping any previous/present owners could elaborate on shortcomings/benefits.

The width at least would pair well with our seiko M64s.

Previously we owned a mutoh kona 1650.

Especially interested in features the GX has or lacks.

Trimming posters out & stickers/decals main uses.

Appreciate any helpful advice



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We run one. Bought it when they first came out. With most cutters, you run them till they die or start getting lazy. Ours is still going strong. I dont have any CONS to speak of, except I wish it had a cutting channel/setup for perf-cutting. It will eat up cutting strips pretty fast perf-cutting.