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Material Suggestions for Wall Mount Sign


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We were contacted by a customer to replace a wall mounted (stone wall) sign here in Northern VA. The current sign looks to be 1/2" HDU painted and screwed (doesn't appear to be glued) to OSB. There are 1/4" thick letters attached to the sign and some vinyl items on it. Everything is faded so I assume it has been up at least 10 years. The OSB looks relatively new. Someone may have fixed it, but I am unsure.

They want "the same sign". I can get HDU and paint it, as much as I don't want to. My issue is the letters. They are not acrylic as I can push into them slightly with my fingernail. I believe they are PVC but I am unsure. I cannot damage the sign to verify before quoting.

My original plan was to use 3/4" PVC, painted, with 1/2" PVC letters. Then I got on the forum and read...and read...and read. Looks like even painted PVC is not recommended for use in this area, mounted to a wall because of expansion and contraction. I did make 1" thick PVC signs, painted with auto paint and mounted to 4x4's a few years ago, they look great. Unsure if I got lucky though.

I am considering 6MM or 10MM ACM with 3MM ish Letters, painted. I am waiting for the paint to dry on what I have in the shop as I am testing. Currently, I do not like the way the edge looks but that is why I am here. These would be painted and somehow attached. Still unsure of all the options for this.

If I use ACM as the base, do I need to worry about the exp/contract of Acrylic on the ACM? Could I mechanically mount without issue? Alot of folks recommend VHT/VHB tape but I am unsure of the longevity for this project.

I asked the customer if we could make it single layer, painted - which negates my issue. I am here because I assume the customer will reply that they "want the same". I am trying to plan ahead. Any help would be appreciated.


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Others will chime in, I'm sure. I'd vote not using ACM for dimensional letters outside. Too thin to attach to the backer with a fastener and I've heard that cut ACM can delaminate in time. Plus the edge appeal isn't nice. I don't think 10mm ACM exists. HDU is expensive and mostly used for carved signs. There's a recent thread going about HDU letters: https://www.signs101.com/threads/dimensional-sign-with-hdu.171434/

Depends on how thick of a backer they want, but I'd use a sheet of painted ACM or aluminum with acrylic letters screwed on (post mount). Many options here. Can you post an image of the existing sign?