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New Gerber 408 Sabre User Help With Job


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Okay, our regular router person is in the reserves and has been called away for 3 weeks so I'm trying to fill in while he's gone. He was nice enough to set up all the cut files for me. I've gotten so far as to send the job from ArtPath to the router. I see the "Christmas lights" as some would call them flashing. The next steps I was told was to push start 3 times and then enter but I'm getting nothing. Any suggestions?


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my router is off and I am heading out, but if you still have questions you can email me in the am - but basically you push start to advance to the next question on the screen. It is ingrained into my head so much it feels like start start start, but it is more like load materials, ok then hit start, nominal material or last thicknes - here you have to probably select the correct option for your initilization, and then probably a simple start - there is definately a selection of a/b/c in there somewhere.


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Not sure you still need help, but we always ran a warmup cycle and then cut. It's been 3yrs since I ran a Gerber so I can't remember the exact protocol to warmup or actually cut a job, but i'm attaching the user manual. That should list the steps.


  • Sabre_Users_Manual.pdf
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