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scott pagan

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we're spec'ing new hardware and i thought there was a s101 merchant member that sold hardware configurations focused toward sign shop / large format RIP workstations, but cannot recall the website. anyone know the group i'm thinking of?


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IDK, but anywhere close to you that builds custom computers should be able to hook you up.
You'll want dual SSD 500GB+ Hard drives and all the RAM you can stuff into it. A good video card is also a bonus, but not AS critical.
Use all quality name-brand parts (not knockoffs) and the fastest processor currently available.


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what software is ran on it?
How many printers running off it?
Are you using it for anything else?


I print things. It is very exciting.
I build everything myself these days - OEM's are sadly selling us garbage and priced at the premium. Graphic Design boxes are different builds than RIP servers. What type of RIP you use also changes the build, as well as whether you utilize client/server RIP configurations or client only. Adobe shop only? Or do you have Autodesk/3D/render needs as well? Give me info on what you need and I'll be happy to send you my builds. I keep all hardware somewhat "OEM" style - nothing fringe or lacking support. I intentionally use Workstation hardware like Quadro cards and motherboards like TYAN's dual socket out of the Fiery workstations. I generally also run RAIDs and/or offline imaged drives as backup for intermittent failures or a wide malware attack. Millions of options, everyone's got an opinion! I do this work very often though :) Send me a PM with as much info as you deem relevant.

- Desired use (graphic design? 2d/3d? rip client? rip server? software used? small or large format printer? common largest file sizes you handle? and what format is that file in?)
- Desired budget
- Any other information relevant

scott pagan

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thanks for all the replies!

Danno had the company site i was trying to recall, Signburst. We have hired a new designer/preflight/RIP team member that needs a new workstation for our Adobe design and Onyx RIP.

i usually buy custom builds and wanted to see what the current specs were for this type of workstation.


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SignBurst is up around your way also, in NC.
I have 4 of his builds in my shop. Let us know how you like it.