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Omega problem


New Member
Can anyone tell me where Omega stores the temporary .spl files? In GQ Mgr I have a file that I keep terminating and it just keeps popping back within seconds. I'm using Omega 8 / Windows10


New Member
On Omega 8 the queue folder that GQMgr gets its files from is it is typically located here
C:\ProgramData\Gerber\Omega 8.0\Queue
If you had an older version of Omega installed on that PC then upgrade to 8 it could be in that folder. For example if you had Omega 6.5 and upgraded to 8 the queue folder would be in the Omega 6.5 folder.
C:\ProgramData\Gerber\Omega 6.5\Queue
If you don't find it in those locations check
and see what other versions you have installed and check each one for a folder called QUEUE
in the queue folder you should have 3 items that need to stay
gspplot Folder
SPL Folder
GSP.net File
All other files can be deleted as long as you are not currently outputting to any equipment.