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Since getting my Graphtec FC9000 I've found that my version of Onyx (19) doesn't support full functionality of the cutter for what I want to do. I tried Onyx version 21 but it still wasn't great. I haven't tried Flexi and doing things through illustrator and cut master seems very tedious from how I've been doing jobs the last 2 yrs.

Is Flexi an option worth trying? Or Onyx Go?....seems like most companies are going the subscription route these days and if I do that I want to make sure that I can use it offline. Currently only have internet access by way of tethering my cell phone to my laptop.

Looking for suggestions to look into trying and their ease of use and overall how well they integrate with existing equipment.


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Go is same as V21. And Go needs activation at least once a month, if not every start.
Ah ok I figured as much. I haven't looked into it. I use Thrive version of Onyx currently.
Do you want to use the software for vinyl cutting? Or Print & Cut?
I do print and cut. There are sheet cut functions I can't seem to get to work on v19. When I tried v21 it worked but I did run into it not reading a barcode a couple of times. Just wondering which option is the best the $1k upgrade or a switch to something different that might play better with the FC9000.


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All the main RIP providers have trial versions. Give 'em all shot and see which works best for your needs. You can also get perpetual licenses (for a higher up front cost, but without ongoing subscription fees). You can also find deals on the forums / Global Garage / eBay if you're patient (Proceed with caution if you buy used software / dongles... get the serial / dongle # and check with the developer to make sure it's a valid license, can be transferred, and if it's eligible for future upgrades.)

Eventually you'll need to upgrade again, no matter which RIP you're using -- but you'll probably have more savings over the long term with a perpetual (YMMV). Tip: The bigger the version jump, the higher the upgrade cost. For example, my Flexi Starter license was originally ~$50 (got it brand new on eBay). Later I found some upgrade deals through 3rd party vendors and got into Flexi Design package for $800. Then eventually the Flexi Pro for another $900 when I found another deal (saved some bucks compared to the full retail price -- which I think was $4.3k at the time). I've been running v12 ever since. Everything still works great, so I have no need to upgrade (However, I did get a quote last October just out of curiosity -- SAI quoted me $2.6k for the upgrade to v21). But Flexi has been very reliable so I'll just wait until something breaks before messing with an upgrade. I'm saving $60-70/mo. ($720-840/year) by not using the subscription service.

That being said... I'm a big fan of Adobe, so I do all my design work in Illustrator and almost all of my printing in Caldera (mostly b/c of Caldera's workflow tools / automation features / built-in Adobe rendering engine). Occasionally I'll use Flexi for printing, but only because I have custom profiles set up that I haven't bothered to rebuild for Caldera. Same thing for Wasatch. :p
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