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Onyx not adding Zund dots


New Member

I might be missing something very obvious but I've just started a new job role and taken over a Canon Oce Arizona and a Zund cutter that operates with Onyx Thrive, I had previously worked with a Mimaki that I used Caldera with and never had any cutting issues. I just can't seem to get Onyx to add zund dots, let alone make a cut file that goes into the Zund cut queue. 'Zund cut centre' seems to be in the cut profiles but when I print something a warning message comes up that says there is no cutting info for this file. I'm very new to Onyx but previously only heard good things, can someone please give me some guidance because it's very frustrating!


Problem Solver
The spot color you use for cutting on your files isn't added to the quickset. Only default is CutContour, you must add other ones.