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Overlay welds


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I'm working in XP, e6.1 version 17. I'm trying to do some overlay welding on a couple different jobs. These jobs have 3-4 colors that will be overlayed. When I set up the overlay and weld, I'm getting an hour glass that keeps running for as long as I'll let it, then when control-alt-delete, claims program is non responsive. I have left the room for over an hour, and I come back and still get the hour glass. Any way to speed this up or get these objects welded the way I want. I've tried grouping, ungrouping, swearing, and not getting anywhere. Thanks.



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Sounds like a similar problem we've been discussing about Corel. Our fix has been to create an object that encompasses all of the objects you want to weld, subtract the items from the larger item and then break the final object apart.

Just a thought.

Bill Preston

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George, the only thing I can think of is that you can't weld objects on different layers. That also translates to you can't weld objects of different colors. In this instance layers and colors amounts to the same thing.

Try assigning the same color to those objects you want to weld---"grouping" those objects may be necessary, unless you sweep select. The other thing might be that those objects have to contact each other.

Edited to add--- since this sounds like a multi-layer job, add registration marks, and be sure they cut for each layer/color. Don't assume that because the check box for cutting registration marks has a check mark present, that it will cut those marks. You may notice that the select "handles" do not include those marks---do a "shift-select" on each one to be sure they will cut.

Let the board---and me ---- know if this works.

bill preston

Ursta Graphics

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I run into this problem all the time with version 5.1 rev.3 What I do is weld the layers 2 at a time. Assuming I have white on top of red on top of black with a burgundy pinstripe around everything, I would weld the white on the red first, then weld the black on top of burgundy, then stack them and cut by color.

Another way to do it is "regular weld" each layer then stack them. Sometimes I will connect each layers path first to make sure there are no "bugs" in the vectors. Then I am usually able to get a good overlay weld.

If you can't get a good weld... you could email the file to me and ill give it a shot. Only problem is that im running 5.1 colormaster???

Hope this dosent sound like jibberish... lol

Good Luck



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Thanks everyone. I will try these and see where I get.

I think I may need to weld as I go more than going for it with 4 colors at the end of the job.

Thanks all,