Photoshop Help!!!!


We are using Illy for all our design at the moment but reading through a lot of posts on here photoshop is being used more and more, which is good because we know our way around it quite well but have not used it for this application before.

we have a vs640 with VW 4 RIP

Any help and advice about using photoshop with these would be much appreciated



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Save files as tiff or import into ILL to add cut lines or spot colors then save as EPS.
VW will read the TIFF files


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Most of our digital prints are done in PS; 100 DPI works fine for anything as large as a yard sign or bigger (even lower DPI will be fine). I saev the original editable PSD file, then flatten and save a JPEG/TIFF that I place in the VW que. For contours I place the JPEG in Illustrator & draw the contour over top, then save that file also.

That all seems self explanatory though... what specifiaclly are you needing PS help with?