Printing Perforated Vinyl on an HP 360 - long dry looking streaks in final print?


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We have had this problem in the past, and switched to a new perf vinyl, and the problem disappeared, until recently.

This only happens when we print dark colors, especially black on perforated vinyl. It does not happen on any other type of vinyl.

When printing while drying it looks like there are dry streaks in the print in the same position each time. The colors will be rich in all other areas, and this area looks dry. It is not banding from the print head, but actually going up and down, instead of across like the print head direction.

We reached out to HP, who sent a difuser kit that were little vent knozzles that go inside the top of the matching where the airflow blows over the tops of the prints. We just did the Maintenance 3 kit recently, so all is in tune and working correctly.

The only thing I can think it to be would be the vaccuum setting, the heater setting, or the percentage of color setting on the prints. (actually the color setting would be visible throughout so I don't think it is this).

If anyone has seen this or has any reccomendations that I might try, it is greatly appreciated. The machine is cleaned regularly. So I am stumped as to why this is happening. I am going to come in tomorrow (Saturday) and give the printer a thorough cleaning, blow out the platten and clear everything, run a few prints and see if I can think of any other reason this may be happening.

One weird thing though, is today I took one of the prints this was happening on, and actually rubbed out the dry mark area, with my hand?

I appreciate your help, and any ideas you may have. Have a great weekend!