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Question Profiling Equipment

I am looking for color profiling equipment and software. I have seen these advertised and was wondering which one would be the best to get and why.

Barbieri, Konica Minolta, Xrite, and/or Calibrite

I am looking to be able to calibrate my printer, monitors, and anything else I may need to calibrate.


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Xrite all the way in my opinion. I have an old i1 pro that still works just fine. They're never cheap, so just be ready to swallow that cost, but it's well worth it.


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Depends on your application. The best (but most expensive) device is the Barbieri Spectro LFP qb, it could do reflective and transmissive measurements, can change the size of the measurement apertures, does scans of complete pages automatically, can measure touchless or with moving measuring sensor up and down if measuring under difficult circumstances, has an option for process control, and much more ... but in addition to the price for the unit you need separate ICC-Profiling software (or modules in RIP-Software), and you can´t calibrate a display.