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Suggestions Roland VG3-540 - Ink Status not updating


New Member
Just upgraded from a VS-540i to a new VG3-540 a couple weeks ago.

Ink status always shows full and doesn't show ink consumption on Versaworks, or through the printers GUI.

I've tried 'update' through printer status in Versaworks, restarting Versaworks, Printer and PC. I am all up to date on software and firmware.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you

Action Mary

New Member
We just purchased one as well. My dealer said the ink goes down very slow. When the machine does it's self cleaning, it doesn't use the ink, only the cleaning solution. I have been printing colour chips like crazy and so far I have only used a 1/4 of the bags. He did warn me to have an extra cleaning bag ready. He said if I run out of an ink colour, the other one's will make up for it, but If I run out of solution, the machine will stop.


New Member
Could be a firmware bug.
The cleaning cartridge/bag is only used to keep the wiper clean, but the machine stops working, when empty.
If your printer runs out of a ink, it stops as well. So it's a good idea to have a set of every color plus a cleaning around.
The TR2 ink is higher pigmented, than previous inks, so it uses less, compared to previous inks.