Need Help Roland VP 540 print problem


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Hi can anyone help when I print some of the darker colours they are not not merging properly see photos any ideas would be greatly appreciated
Room temperature is good
Printer heater 38
Dryer 48
Printed on high quality setting 1040 dpi
And tried on 720 x 720 dpi
Still not rite

I also had this issue when printing black on yellow on 720 x 720 dpi setting changing it too high quality 1040 dpi got around the problem

I have tried turning the printer heater up to 40 and has not helped ????

Thanks in advance


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Eco solvent inks
I’ve tried both print heater and dryer at max heat still no good it doesn’t seem to drying quick enough then it’s runs as as it feeds onto the dryer ….
Both print heater and dryer feel hot do their working

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Have you tried a different profile? Looks like too much ink is being put down for that media. If not already using the profile for that media, might want to get it and try it.


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Looks like it is laying down too much ink for that material. What are you printing on?
What are your heater settings? What are your VW settings?


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Hi thanks for the reply’s i am using the correct profile for the media which is MPI 2010 which matches the correct vinyl the ink is Eco series which I haven’t had issues with in the past.??

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I should also mention I’m printing straight from flexisign Pro
Have you tried to send to Versaworks, then print from Versaworks instead of printing from Flexi?
In the past, I tried to print from Flexi and it soaked my vinyl with the matching profile. I went back to Versaworks for the same material, used the Versaworks profile and it was fine.