Question Roland Waiting 24 Hours Before Lamination

I have always waited the 24 hours before laminating the printed vinyl from our Roland solvent printers....

Has anyone laminated the material before the 24 hour time wait as Roland recommends on their inks.

I really need to get a new solvent printer.


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I used to wait 24 hours but stopped after some authoritative person said it wasn't necessary (can't remember who). Didn't have any problems doing that...that I KNOW OF. We have a new printer now.


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According to some members here, outgassing is a myth. I don't prescribe to that though. I let our Roland prints sit until the next day. If it's a RUSH, I'll print on the Epson S80600 - it dries much faster, and you can laminate with in a few hours (they say 6).


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I generally print at the end of the day and laminate in the morning. I have never had an issue doing it that way or doing it sooner in a pinch.


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I laminated and installed as soon 4-6 hours but that is printing slow with max passes and a heat lamp on as its going from roll to roll and installed on a flat surface but with a print for a wrap I wait till the next day to laminate and install with unrolling the take up reel some overnight, I have a roland VG2 with tr2inks


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We let it off gas for 2 hours laying flat and then laminate. Some jobs sit out overnight and laminate in the morning. Never had any problems. EcoSol Max2 Inks - Roland XR640
I am using a Roland XR-640 with the Max 2 inks. But I am looking at the Epson 80600 but waiting to see if Epson releases the 90600. The Roland had been a work horse and I haven't really had any problems with it. Just wish we could get the Max 3 inks here in the US.

Thank you everyone for the replies.


I'm here for educational purposes.
It also depends on your ink coverage, and how much ink your laying down. If there is very little coverage, and/or use a lower quality setting, you could laminate after a few hours without any problems. Now, if you're printing something obnoxious like 100, 100, 100, 100 - black, you better let it sit for a good while. At least 24 hours.

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I laminated prints after an hour or two( sometimes immediately) for years when I had a Roland and never had one problem because of it. Did this with a VS 540 and a VG640.


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Ink coverage and where your graphic will live can and will play a part of this theory. Manufacturers put out a time to protect themselves from scrutiny if a failure does happen. If you are double or triple striking film or translucent vinyl you may want to allow more time. But 95% of the time no issue


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I find the adhesive is gummier/stickier if you don't allow any outgas time. Honestly we hang a lot of wall murals that haven't been outgassed w/out incident. Vehicles are in a more severe environment, but I've also installed many wraps that were off ecp solvent printers and had little outgassing time as well.