Seiko 64s Service Manual


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Could someone please share the service manual with me too? My V-64s is giving me trouble, but I can't find that manual anywhere, so I'm hoping that this one will provide some insight so that I can keep production going.


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someone has the service manual of seiko 64s service manual. my email is qtelectronics@hotmailcom
Sorry to be another one on the list, but I could really use that service manual (M-64s or W/V if applicable) if anyone can send it through. Have logged a service call request with our dealer 3 times now over a critical issue and they simply won't get back to us.
I will try to put it up on a permanent file sharing link for others to take it at will if someone would be kind enough to forward it to me.


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I'm parting one out if anyone needs anything, complete printer less the main board.

Save the smaller frame components that have bearings. The Aluminum tension rods are
gold too as are the core spacers.

These components can retrofit to a trimmer table stand. in that you can take a full roll off
the printer and then drop onto the trimmer table stand.

Plotter stands are even better.


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I am also looking for the service manual. If anyone could send a link to I'd greatly appreciate it.

I have the error 2340 and noticed the plastic gears that raise and lower the cap assembly won't mesh together. Seems like the teeth are worn out or lost contact. Looks like there are a lot of parts to remove just to even see what's going on for sure. Thanks!