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Sharpcut Debris Vacuum Alternatives?


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We work primarily with foamed PVC, usually cutting but in some cases routing with our Sharpcut.

The routing debris adds up quickly. The shop vac provided fills up quickly -- even more so when using bags instead of the filter. Emptying the can is a horrible mess without the bags, due to the static charged debris jumping everywhere. Bags are a decent alternative but seem to start clogging up before they're full, so are not a great solution. And we can go through a bag or more every day.

We need a solution with a bag, with a greater volume. A dust collector seemed like the right choice, but I don't know anything about dust collectors.

I tried a 2hp Dust Collector from Harbor Freight (it was cheap enough to buy for a test) with an adapter to the 2.5" vac hoses on the Colex. While the CFM is much higher than the shop vac, it doesn't have enough power to suck the router debris up (gets some but leaves anything even slightly trapped).

Can anyone recommend an alternative that's got the power of the shop vac, but with a bigger collection bag that's easy to empty? And that won't burn up if restricted to 2.5" hose.


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Following........we're also looking for a similar solution for our Summa F1612. PVC/ACM/Acrylic chips are no fun cleaning up when the shop vac fills up!


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So even a bigger problem for us was not catching our shop vac being full and we packed the tubes with debris. Took hours to clear. Ultimately bought this baby


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To everyone recommending cyclone attachment.. the issue with that is it’s not designed to run pvc in large volume, the static and heat build up will
Degrade the lines on the cutter. You’ll see holes start to form along the vac lines.
The high capacity rigid vacuum now come with larger tanks. You should have no problem dumping that once a day.