Should the Opos sensor be touching the vinyl when down?


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The Opos sensor on this summa cutter has a little handle/protrusion at the side which you press to flip it between being either down or up and a spring which keeps it in either position. However, while in the down position to read the registration marks, the Opos is physicallytphysically the substrate, running across the vinyl. Is this normal? I can't see any way to set the a depth stop which would control it's height. The spring just holds it either in the fully up or fully down against the material position.
Ignore the ribbon connector being disconnected in the image. The cutter head was being replaced at the time of the photo. Image just to clarify the type of opos fitting.
We have to S1-T series cutters and the OPOS slides across the media on both of them, it's light and doesn't scratch it.

Side note - you really need a new cut strip.


On mine I might note that the sensor actually sits higher than the piece that rides along the vinyl.