Silk Screening


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We have a silk screen press in our sign shop for certain projects. Any merchant members out there have a good hook up on silk screening products, such as UV inks, or screens?
Hope this is allowed!


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What size and what output ?? Flat stock or textile ??
Outside size- 36" X 25"
Inside size: 33" X 22"
355-380 mesh
Flat stock.
We're printing on vinyl sheets sized at 24" X 15".
We mostly use it for our stickers, but will expand to other products in the future. We just started out this year when we've had time.


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Sounds like you're describing an actual screen. How is it mounted ??

Anyway, Glantz is a good place for screening supplies and they're around PA.

Little Linda

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Weare looking for large format Neuman Frames or any of the roller type screen frames. Ideal size would be 60"x 128". Anybody have anything around that size?