Soccer jerseys


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I'm in need of custom soccer jerseys. Where do I start ?
I searched over the iternet and I'm confused even more than ever.
I need 40-150 custom sublimated soccer jerseys. Does anyone recomend specific company or person to talk to ?

I'm open to designs and have few ideas in mind. We do have art work and all that but I woul like to explore this subject more and find options.


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Truly wonderful info about the sale on these soccer jerseys. I already have two jerseys and these are superb for the physical activities. I was just looking for good quality workout gear for my yoga sessions and I think now I merely need bottoms and would like to pair them up with existing jerseys for the work out. Thanks for the idea!


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I've been a Villa fan for nearly a decade, been through glory times and really tough times. I've always wanted to do this, so recently, I've combined my love for Aston Villa with Lego maillot Sénégal pas cher, and made some new designs for other teams too.

Hey? Is any Villa fan in here?

To start off with, of course:
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