Summa S2T160 looking for crop marks not there.


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Hello. I am using SignLab Print & Cut ver 10. I have a Summa S2T160.

I have 4 10"x10" decals to cut on 54" media spaced 1" apart. I have SL set to space crop marks at 12" apart.
SL placed 3 crop marks on the right side and 3 marks on the left side. Don't know why because it was set to 12".

Printed and laminated. I performed a media calibration on the Summa. I place the tool on top of the first crop mark.
I send the job and it reads the first crop mark, then advances about 2" and is searching for another crop mark, but the next crop mark is 6" away from the first crop mark.

I used two different cues in SL VPM and got the same results. I reset the Summa to factory defaults and got the same result.

What would cause the cutter to not advance enough and start looking for another crop mark? Anyone have this happen to them and if so what was the fix?

Thank you in advance for your help!